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National Institutes of Health estimates that more than 15 million American a to pic dermatitis symptoms. – Also known as eczema eczema is different, ato pic dermatitis, skin, and a chronic skin disease characterized by itching and inflammation of the NIH. Eczema treatment of health insurance companies more than $ 1 billion cost of health care for every year. Taking into account a number of uninsured or under insured Americans, that the actual cost for eczema treatment, the probability is very high.

The causes of eczema
Unfortunately, the specific cause of eczema is not known, but according to NIH, “probably a disease of genetic (hereditary) and environmental combination.” It seems that, in connection with autoimmune disorders, and eczema, Allergy, Stress and eczema outbreaks of the disease may cause people hereditary tendency. Environmental irritants may exacerbate or lead to outbreaks of fiber dust, smoke a cigarette, wool or synthetic clothing, soaps, cosmetics and household chemicals.

Infant Eczema
According to NIH, “Scientists 65 percent of patients develop symptoms within the first year and 90 percent develop symptoms before age 5 who appreciate it.” In other words, eczema infant eczema is more common for adults. In addition, about 60 percent of people with baby eczema symptoms continue into adulthood.

Eczema Treatment
According to the NIH, with two goals in the treatment of eczema and skin healing and prevent outbreaks. Doctors sometimes came to ointment or cream, modulators of the immune system, but can not be used in children under the age of two. In addition, undesirable side effects such as burning and itching can be.

Other Mediations on a wide range of Antihistamines, Immuno suppressants, and antibiotics (for treatment of skin infections), including the state, is used for treatment. In general, the steroid was also identified as a cream or pill. Long-term use of drugs in this class can be fatal and potential serious side effects, as well as a problem for several reasons.

Eczema Relief with the scabies home
As an alternative to the drugs riddled with side effects, itching, and treatment can help re-hydrate the skin to stop the all natural treatment for eczema is on the market. For example, the skin condition eczema bath salts healing properties, such as the use of natural essential oils, itch-free and to stop bleeding. This natural treatment is not dangerous to children, parents, and to prevent infections caused by scratching into the bathroom when the nightmare can be a good time.

Other parts of the body with hand eczema, or rash, you can use a number of medications, prescription drugs, but natural eczema treatment offers a safe and economic alternative.

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